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The Marvelous Mokki by Anna-Maya Sipila

Ohessa sukuumme kuuluvan, USAssa asuvan 11-vuotiaan Anna-Maya Sipilan kouluaine, joka kertoo hänen mukavista kokemuksistaan ja muistoistaan Suomen kesämökillä Lammilla.

The Marvelous Mokki

My tiny feet stomped across the room as I took my first steps at Mokki. Mokki is my grandparents’ cabin in Finland. I have had many memories there. There are three parts of land: the garden and the lawn, the guesthouse and the lake, and the cabin. This is my favorite place in the whole wide world. Mokki is a very important place to me.

One of the most fun locations is the colorful garden and the green lawn. This is the most fun location because I love to work in the garden and play on the lawn. The garden’s vegetables taste great in a salad. In the garden, it smells so fresh, especially after the rain. The birds have a loud conversation in the background. There are pink flowers, yellow and white daisies, pinkish-red radishes, and tan potatoes. After the vegetables are picked, washed, and maybe cooked, they taste exceptional. The ruby red radishes and the bumpy beige potatoes are my favorites. The radishes are perfectly crunchy and the potatoes are cooked to perfection. The food from the garden tastes like a five star gourmet restaurant. The lawn, cabin, and the driveway surround the rectangular garden. It is our tradition to play soccer every year on the manicured lawn.The green grass gets a “haircut” often. “Yeah,” I yell when I score a goal. When someone trips, it is pretty ugly when they hit the ground. There are a lot of towering trees overlooking the lawn. Most of them are tall and white birches. The lawn and the garden are a fun place to be.

My favorite place at Mokki is the cozy guest house and the beautiful, blueberry-blue lake. This is my favorite location because I love to swim in the lake and find fun toys in the guest house. There are two docks, one by the boat and guest house and one is to the side of the cabin. The dock by the boat is tiny and brown and is near the entrance to the swimming side of the lake. The dock is a rotting banana. The skinny, silver, and slippery dock is used for fishing. Near the dock there are some rocks that you can climb on, but the rocks underwater are really slippery. Not many people in my family will dare to go into the ice-cold lake, but I love to go in. On the lake we go fishing, crayfish catching, and sometimes take a relaxing boat ride. The waves gently soar across the lake like a bird. The small guest house has two rooms. One of the rooms has a bed. When too many people are crowded into the main cabin, it feels as full as a subway train on a Monday morning. In that case two people will sleep in the guest house bedroom. The other room is a storage for all the lake toys. There are big floaties for tubing and skinny noodles for swimming. The guest house and the lake is where I have the most fun.

The most important location is the main cabin. It is most important because it is where everybody eats, sleeps, and relaxes after a long day. When you walk up the wooden stairs, straight ahead there is the door, and to the left you see a red swing. I could sit in that swing for a million years. To the right there is wood burning sauna. On the first floor of the cabin there is a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a clean, coat, closet. The kitchen has a long table with a sink, fridge, small pantry, and white dishwasher aligning the wall. The living room has a long couch and a loveseat. There is a television where we once watched the exciting 2008 Summer Olympics. One of the walls has built-in shelf where my grandma stores her collection of colorful hens. Sometimes when you are sitting on the couch, watching television they stare at you. One bedroom has a queen bed, and the other one has a bunk bed. The bathroom is a normal bathroom with a toilet, sink, and a shower. The coat closet is as small as a speck of dust. There is a loft with a skinny, wooden ladder leading the way up. The loft is used as a play room and sleeping area for kids. We set up action packed games. This is the most important location out of all.

Mokki is a very important place to me. My activities have gone from watching the overpowering Olympics to catching crayfish. At Mokki I play soccer skillfully in the lawn and plant ruby radishes in the garden. I swim in the lovely lake and find fun toys in the guest house. I relax in the red swing and eat pleasant potatoes in the cabin. This place has made many joyful memories in my heart. I will always remember the marvelous Mokki.

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